“We use one for outdoor pest management, and the other one inside. The indoor concentrate has ingredients of clove and cottonseed oils and really smells great. The outdoors product is composed of cinnamon and cedar oils and is highly effective against mosquitoes. Its repellent aspect is great, even against mice, rats, snakes and voles. We have a lot of the latter in our area.”

Greg Pettis, Owner, Dominion Pest Control, Lancaster, PA

“Nature-cide is our go to product for all of our Green accounts. Nature-Cide has figured out how to make a Green product that truly works!”

James DeBari, Owner, Predator Pest Control, Howard Beach, NY

“I’ve used Nature-Cide for several months now and I’m impressed with the wide variety of applications. The products and support from the company are awesome!”

Geffry Gorman, Owner, Green Flag Services, Orlando, FL

“After testing it for several month's we're confident enough to bring it to the customers”

Jared LaJaunie, Owner, LaJaunie's Pest Control, Thibodauxt, LA

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