Which Nature-Cide product do I use for outdoor control?

While both concentrates are labeled for indoor and outdoor use, Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 is ideal for outdoor control and can be applied using a Power Sprayer, backpack sprayer and handheld sprayers.

Does the All Purpose have a residual?

The Nature-Cide All Purpose is a contact kill. The Aerosol and the concentrate will contact all soft bodied insects (see label for target pests). The All Purpose does not leave a residual insecticide.

Does the Pest Management X2 have a residual?

Yes, Pest Management X2 will not only kill on contact, but the cinnamon oil will continually repel insects. To extend these benefits, many PMP’s use an adjuvant/spreader sticker so that the product adheres to leafy surfaces. For outdoor Flea, Mosquito and Tick control we recommended adding and IGR, such as Tekko Pro.

Do I need a license to treat customers’ homes with Nature-Cide?

Yes, even though Nature-Cide is a 25(b) exempt, all-natural product most states require you to have proper licensing for both indoor and outdoor application regardless of what product you are using.

Can a home Owner purchase Nature-Cide All Purpose or Pest Management X2 concentrates?

No, both the Nature-Cide concentrates are sold to licensed exterminators and lawn care operators through our distributor partners.

Where can Homeowners purchase Nature-Cide?

Currently, homeowners can purchase the ready-to-use products from Amazon, Kroger and our website.

Where can Professional Pest Control Operators purchase Nature-Cide?

Nature-Cide commercial concentrates can be purchased through Target Specialty Products, Rentokil, Veseris and Forshaw Distribution.

What is the mix rate for mosquito control?

Accordion 9

No, Nature-Cide has a very low mammalian toxicity, so it will not kill rodents. It will however repel rodent and snakes. To use Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 as a snake or rodent repellent, use at a mix rate 7oz of Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 per gallon of water.

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