Study Finds Nature-Cide as the Top Performing Pesticide for Mosquito Control

Study Finds Nature-Cide as the Top Performing Pesticide for Mosquito Control

The Nature-Cide products have a great deal of efficacy to back up their claims and as a multi-state registered pesticide, we are forced to prove certain efficacy in order to get our labels registered. These products have been tested by professors and scientists on several occasions. But when we were recently informed about the latest findings from a two-year report published in the latest journal of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, we nearly fell out of our chairs. We knew the Nature-Cide products performed well on mosquitoes but we were thrilled to read that Nature-Cide was found to be the top-performing mosquito insecticide tested, regardless of its botanical status. Globally the fight to control mosquitos is the top public health priority with 17% of all infectious diseases transmitted globally are vector-borne. Mosquito vector control is the holy grail of pest control. Mosquito vector control is typically the responsibility of local, county, regional and federal municipalities. The scope and importance and potential implications of this study are not yet fully set in with the management team. The products hands down blew away our top green competitor “Essentria IC3” and also outperformed, at all mixture rates, all of the top three biggest global sellers of synthetic pyrethroid mosquito insecticides. This was a third party scientific study done without our knowledge and it deserves everyone’s close attention. Please read the report. Below are the links to both the abbreviated and full length study using both formulations. 

“It was surprising to find that Nature-Cide, formulated with clove and cottonseed oil as a multi-purpose insecticide, outperformed all other products in both laboratory and field trials. Going up agaisnt an evaluation of pyrethroid and botanical barrier insecticides against Aedes albopictus in the laboratory and field.”

Click here for the Abbreviated Study (Pages 47-59)

Click here for the Full Study (All Pages)

The trouble with Controlling Mosquitoes is the balancing act you have with the risk of spraying the chemicals. The chemicals can only be sprayed so much or else the risk of poisoning and polluting the environment become too high. With a 25(b) botanical products like Nature-Cide, you can apply the product freely with little to no risk of environmental and human contamination. This could be the break we have been waiting for. The last step is to finalize the findings with toxicology reports to confirm that the products do not pose a risk to water ecology and non-target pests like pollinators.


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