Nature-Cide All Purpose Spray is designed to stop insects in their tracks.

Eliminate indoor and outdoor pests safely without harming the environment - kills on contact!
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Nature-Cide eradicates bugs—with all-natural ingredients—so you can live comfortably while protecting your family, pets, and the environment from poisonous chemicals.
products are a special blend of essential oils safe to use freely without fear of harm to the environment.
All Natural
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals
  • A blend of essential oils proven to be safe
  • Ingredients: Clove Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Glycerin, Myristic Acid, Soap & Water
  • Nature-Cide products have 10+ years of research and development
  • Eliminate pests on contact
  • Professional pest control

Registered with the EPA in the States that require it.

Developed by a licensed pest control service.

Minimum risk for customers and technicians.

is the green solution to pest control
quickly kills a wide variety of insects such as:


(American, German, Oriental and smoky brown)

Bed Bugs

European Earwigs

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs


(Pharaoh, red imported and Argentine)

House Spiders

Clothes Moths



(cat flea adults and larvae)



(Confused flour, cigarette, Colorado potato and Asian Lady)


(diamondback moths and beet armyworms)


(brown dog)



Boxelder Bugs



(blue bottle and houseflies)


Silver Leaf Whiteflies

Yellow Jackets

Enjoy your life and home - pest-free!

Independent lab results show Nature-Cide killed nearly 100% of insects after one hour while most were killed instantly, all with the use of powerful natural ingredients.

Protect your home and health with All Purpose Spray

Easy to use spray bottle allows control with a pre-mixed blend that kills on contact!

  • Spray outside in your gardens, patios, outdoor furniture, or anywhere pest infestations are found.
  • Spray inside where pests lurk such as in or around windows, doors frames, or pantry cabinets.
  • Spray as needed or safe for daily use without harm to surfaces or furniture.

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