Pest Control

Traditional pest control companies around the country are seeing a change. More and more their customers are asking for poison free alternatives. People want to know that the products their technicians are using are not going to cause more long term harm by using dangerous chemicals inside their home or business. We know how these customers feel and thats part of the reason why Nature-Cide exists today. People should have the right to choose to use synthetic or natural pesticide products in their home or work environment. 

For over 10 years our Pest Management product has been used in the Los Angeles area to effectively treat customers homes and properties from snakes, rodents and insects. Our Nature-Cide service truck as well as many other pest control companies nationwide are using Nature-Cide everyday to effectively create a pest free environment with zero risk of contamination or long term effects of spraying poisons in the home. 

Nature-Cide is nationally distributed to the entire pest control community exclusively through Residex. If you are a homeowner, business owner or pest control company who is looking to stop using poisons on your property, please reach out to us. We would love to tell you more about what our clients are saying. 

All Nature-Cide products for the use in professional pest control can be found exclusively from

Customer Quotes


"When I heard about this green product called Nature-Cide, I thought, nah not for me. It's a green product, it won't hold up against the tried and true products on the market for general pest and bedbugs. I was talked into trying it out. Nature-Cide is the real deal. I'm using the All Purpose in bed bug work with great results. Kills on contact and flushes them out of hiding places. The Pest Management product works great on spiders, stinging insects, flies, moths, ants and many more. Whenever I try out a new product, I treat my own property first. Nature-Cide is all I'll use now on my property. It works and the smell is something my wife enjoys. My customers are asking for it by name now. Nature-Cide gets two, very big thumbs up from me!"
Jeremy Howard Howard's Exterminating Service LLC

"Before Nature-Cide, I was opposed to the whole 'Green Pest Control' concept. At Dominion, we had tried other products on the market and it usually ended with frustrated technicians and angry customers--not just about the lack of control, but the 'sportscreme' smell that was that left behind.  Since we switched to Nature-Cide products, we have better control with a great smelling residue that our customers actually prefer.  I would recommend Nature-Cide to any pest company that has or is considering a Green program."

Gregory Pettis, Dominion Pest Control LLC