Nature-Cide products are widely used in the hospitality sector on a national basis. Facing public pressures hotels and restaurants have been forced to consider alternative pest management solutions. The bedbug epidemic continues to plague the hotel industry. A single room infestation can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars in expenses and lost revenues. Our products kill bedbugs on contact. These products are proven in the field to eliminate bedbugs in a safe and affordable way. 

Our Nature-Cide products are national distributed by The American Hotel Registry, the oldest and most trustworthy hospitality supply company. Nature-Cide products continue to offer hospitality businesses the essential pest control tools allowing them to properly manage their properties and facilities without loosing revenue and risking the safety of their guests or patrons. To order products or learn more about the benefits of Green Pest Control and Nature-Cide give us a call or email. We would love to discuss how our products can help be a part of your success.

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