How To Prevent Termites Naturally

It’s important to keep termites far away from your home so your house won’t incur costly repairs when these unwanted house guests start feeding off the wood in your home. Periodic prevention at least once per year can keep these critters at bay and keep your home safe.

Removing a food source for termites is the best preventive method you can make in order to avoid termite infestation and moist wood is the most common food source for termites. If there are termites already present you don’t want to feed them and help them reproduce.

Gutters are one of the most common places that termites can make their way indoors. They start in gutters that are clogged full of wet leaves and from there they find a way inside. Clogged gutters will often cause a flow of water to occur inside the walls of the home and wet wood is a termite’s best scenario. It’s also important to check the inside of the house for plumbing leaks. Even the smallest drip can cause a lot of problems.

Protecting your house from plumbing issues inside and water sources outside is an ideal way to prevent termites. You can also turn towards using a safe product such as Nature-Cide to naturally prevent termites. Made of ingredients safe enough to spray on your skin, a natural pesticide can be used outside around the perimeter of your home to deter termites but it can also be used inside your home around any sources of wood that you think might be a point of attraction.


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