How To Prevent Spiders

It’s difficult for any home to completely prevent any spiders from coming in. The important part however, is to make sure the amount of spiders stays to a minimum so there is no opportunity for eggs to be laid and hatch at a later date. If this happens an infestation of spiders can take place and it can become very hard to get rid of them all. If you keep your home at a regular humidity level of 40%-60% you will attract far less insects, especially spiders. You can regulate this using a dehumidifier or humidifier if your moisture levels are low.

Spiders usually enter a home to look for food. If you have a tightly-sealed and well-protected home with very few other species of insects then your home will be useless to spiders and they will make their way back out again. Making sure you don’t have cracks or gaps around windows and doors or as part of your foundation is a great way to protect your home against spiders and other insects.

You should also check around the perimeter of your home. Keeping bushes and other plants trim can prevent spiders from being attracted to the outside of your home and then making their way inside. Mulch or stone should be kept away from the first inch or two closest to your foundation. This reduces hiding spots for spiders and they will be less likely to try and get to your house.

Regularly throughout the year you can use an all-natural pesticide such as Nature-Cide to reduce the number of spiders and other insects you find in and around your home. Turning towards a natural alternative to bug spray is a great idea because not only can you use it around the perimeter of where you live but it can be used inside the home without affecting human’s or pet’s health.


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