The Next Superfood: Cricket Flour


You are probably aware that in many parts of the world insects are an accepted, and even a popular food choice. Far from normal on the American dinner table, you have most likely only seen insects on a plate on TV shows, such as Bizarre Foods. But leave it to the healthy crowd, always searching for the next superfood, to attempt to take insects mainstream.

What would you say if I told you that there are bugs in your energy bar? I’m not talking about the accidental, random insect leg that slipped into the batch at a large factory. No, these bugs are in there in large quantities and on purpose. What, you say? Yes, a new energy bar called Exo (is that short for exoskeleton?) is hoping to bring bug eating mainstream here in the United States.

In each Exo bar there are approximately 25 crickets that are roasted and then ground into a fine flour. Crickets are very high in protein and with the concern over GMO’s and healthier, sustainable protein sources, many people are willing to give cricket protein a try. In fact, so many people are on the cricket bandwagon that Exo has raised nealry $55,000 on the popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter. With that money the co-founders, Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, are looking into their manufacturing options.

Before you turn your nose up at this unusual protein bar, I think you should know that the recipe was developed by a Michelin Star chef. It’s ingredients (besides ground crickets) include almond butter, dates, coconut flour, shredded coconut, raw cacao, raw honey, and sea salt. There is apparently no insect taste and you will not see any “parts” lingering in your bar. Not only that, but these bars are touted to be a notch above the mainstream bars we are all familiar with.

Would you try one? If you’re on the fence, you should really head over to the Exo Kickstarter page and watch their video. If you are interested in health and nutrition, I have a feeling you will be taking a bite.

Nature-Cide may not be appropriate at the dinner table but it is definitely the safest and most natural way to keep other bugs away from your Exo bar. As you embrace a healthier lifestyle Nature-Cide will be you companion to a bug-free home without toxic chemicals. All of Nature-Cide products are 100% natural relying on nautral botanicals to repel and rid your home of all the common pests. So, until we are embracing more than crickets, stay pest free with Nature-Cide.

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