The 411 on Boxelder Bugs

Boisea Trivittata or commonly known as the Boxelder bug is in the Family Rhopalidae.  These resilient creatures live in mixed forest and meadow environments all over North America.

Color: The Boxelder bug is black and well known for its unique red or orange markings behind the head and on the wings.

Size and Shape: The Boxelder bug is a flat, winged insect that typically runs about ½ inch in length.

Behavior: Boxelder bugs are mainly found clumped together in large numbers on or around maple, ash or Boxelder trees. They feed on the juice and seeds of these plants. Boxelder bugs are not dangerous to humans in any way but they can be a serious nuisance. When weather cools these insects tend to look for warm places to get ready for the winter. Often enough, these warm places tend to be homes or buildings near the insects feeding grounds.

Habitat: Mixed forest and Meadows with Acer plants like Maple, Ash and Boxelder trees.

Damage: The Boxelder bug can damage plants when they extract their food. Large clumps of insects and also stain walls and fabrics as well as produce a smelly odor as a defense mechanism if disturbed.

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