Using Household Products To Kill Bed Bugs In The Home

Natural PesticidesTurning towards household products to kill bed bugs that you find either in your bedroom or somewhere else in the house can be a safe and effective option for regaining control of your home. Pesticide products that contain harmful chemicals can make humans very sick as well as your unwanted house guests so staying away from these types of items whenever possible is a smart choice.

Everyone has a vacuum cleaner in their home and this simple home appliance can suck up bed bugs and trap them in one space that you can take outside and empty into a trash can. It’s more effective to use a vacuum with a bag in order to dispose of the bugs properly. Don’t just stick with the rugs in your house but also run your vacuum attachments along your mattress, box spring, along baseboards, on and behind furniture and in any crack or crevice you can find.

Bed bugs can’t survive temperature above 100 degrees F. If you strip your bed down and wash sheets and blankets in hot water and then run them through the drier you will effectively kill bed bugs that have been camping out with you at night. If you have comforters or quilts that cannot be washed you should place them in the dryer for at least ten minutes.

A steam cleaner has the same effect your washer and drier does but it works on items that can’t be moved into your laundry room like couches or chairs. You should keep the level of steam used at a minimum to prevent mold growth inside of the furniture. Steam floor mops can be used on certain floor surfaces including along baseboards where bed bugs often hang out.

Using household products to kill bed bugs in the home is not only safer than using chemicals but it’s also affordable. In addition to your household remedies you can also purchase an all-natural bed bug spray like Nature-Cide to compliment your cleaning efforts.


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